Nexus Gallery
Nexus Gallery

You’ll find the Nexus Gallery nestled in the historical Old Butter Factory complex. It is run solely by volunteers and is an important exhibition and gathering place for local artists and friends.

BCAC Members Exhibitions
The Nexus Community Gallery hosts four members’ group shows each year. The remainder of the year the gallery features month-long exhibitions by solo artists or groups of artists.

There are two exhibition spaces: The Main Gallery and The Studio.

Visitors are very welcome .



22 MAY – 17 JUNE
Donna Simeoni


Graham Richardson
Kathleen Whittingham

The interplay between figurative and non figurative is Donna’s thing as well as complementing and contradicting. Playfulness, balance, texture with repetition being the mechanics as the aesthetic. 

Graham is a self-taught artist whose inspiration leads from impressionism, surrealism cubism and arriving at the abstract. “I find art is a journey not a destination and I like nothing more than to stand in front of a blank canvas and asking where is this going to take me. I largely start a painting with no preconceived ideas of what I will lay down. Its a journey I love taking.”

Kath invites you to take a romp through nature and the amazing Australian landscape with its ever changing light. Follow bush tracks that lead to hidden worlds transforming the representational into abstraction..Cross over colorful slopes that dip onto sun-baked ground where rocks and grit are changed by weather patterns and water systems are either calmed or roar in anger.


17 JUNE – 19 July

Members’ Winter Exhibition

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Open 7 Days a week

Old Butter Factory, Doepel St Bellingen NSW
Hours: 10 am until 4.30 pm
Phone: (02) 6655 9222

Nexus Gallery