Nexus Gallery
Nexus Gallery

You’ll find the Nexus Gallery nestled in the historical Old Butter Factory complex. It is run solely by volunteers and is an important exhibition and gathering place for local artists and friends.

BCAC Members Exhibitions
The Nexus Community Gallery hosts four members’ group shows each year, one of which is the Members’ Art Prize. The remainder of the year the gallery features month-long exhibitions by solo artists or groups of artists.

There are two exhibition spaces: The Main Gallery and The Studio.

Nexus Gallery Exhibition Schedule

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Main Gallery

BCAC Winter Members Exhibition
Bellingen Community Arts Council Winter Members Exhibition.

BCAC Winter Members Exhibition
Bellingen Community Arts Council Winter Members Exhibition.


Sandy O’Brien – A bit of this and a bit of that
This last year has been full of trials and tribulations for most of us and I have found that the prevailing circumstances affected how, when and why I painted. Some days I painted with joy, some days I painted with grief and other days I thought I would never paint again.

My love of colour was the one constant and I allowed myself to just stumble and bumble through many, many, good and not so good pieces of art work, all underpinned by choice of colour and its significance to me.

As a result of this journey this exhibition consists of  “a bit of this and a bit of that “ and does not necessarily have the cohesion it should. So be it . . . it helped me stay grounded and connected in some way to myself and the world around me.

So in essence this exhibition reflects the stops and starts we have all experienced, myself included – the sadness and joys, the clarity and confusion, the disbelief and relief, and the way we have kept ourselves  ‘together’ by whatever means we have been able to.

Gail Sue – Into Abstraction
My Inspiration comes from the shapes, colours and sounds of the natural world.  A personal experience or a story related by another will often excite my imagination. The merging of the aesthetics of articulated occurrences, fragmented memories and rugged landscapes into a secret network of artistic algorithms are interpreted in an abstracted way or sometimes with a more contemporary feel. Incompatible ideas merge translating   topics and themes into a visual language. My paintings are a spatial exploration of emotions and impressions, a journey with an unknown destination. The process of creating being as important as the finished work.

Dripped paint, charcoal, ink collage, oil stick and found objects are applied to canvas, intuition and happy little mistakes relied upon until order emerges. This process is both satisfying and frustrating at the same time. The painting itself can dictate the next move until truth is revealed, that is as I see it

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Open 7 Days a week

Old Butter Factory, Doepel St Bellingen NSW
Hours: 10 am until 4.30 pm
Phone: (02) 6655 9222

Nexus Gallery