Sunday Bites
Sunday Bites


Farewell Sunday Bites

Sadly, after 8 years of Sunday Bites cultural events, the committee has decided to end the monthly talks and discussions.

During this time there were 54 presentations over a wide range of creative issues such as contemporary art, architectural practice, poetry, film and music.

If in the future anyone wants to put on special Sunday Bites, the committee is happy to support you in organising it.  

We want to thank all the presenters who contributed their time and wisdom without payment and the community who so enthusiastically supported the talks, it was a lot of fun and a stimulating experience.  Thank you.

Rosie Wickert, Tony Wickert, Philip Senior, Shelley O’Keefe, Beth Gibbings, Lisa Milner, Fran Trefry, Aditya van der Meulen