Nexus Art Gallery. Regular art exhibitions of painting, ceramics & sculpture at the Old Butter Factory Bellingen, near Coffs Harbour, mid north coast NSW
Nexus Art Gallery. Regular art exhibitions of painting, ceramics & sculpture at the Old Butter Factory Bellingen, near Coffs Harbour, mid north coast NSW

You’ll find the Nexus Gallery nestled in the historical Old Butter Factory complex. It is run solely by volunteers and is an important exhibition and gathering place for local artists and friends.

The Nexus Community Gallery hosts four members’ group shows each year, one of which is the Members’ Art Prize. The remainder of the year the gallery features month-long exhibitions by solo artists or groups of artists.

There are two exhibition spaces: The Main Gallery and The Studio.

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Main Gallery

Sequence … a connected series promises to be a stimulating and inspirational exhibition of works by artists who, in one way or another, are connected, be it in the pursuit of artistic excellence, in relationships or great friendships. 

Pauline, Margaret, Val and Marjo are four ceramic artists from Central Western NSW who have been exhibiting together for many years. Scale and style of works vary from artist to artist, nevertheless, seeking to preserve harmony in diversity and integrity of individual expression remains a high priority.

Sequence includes the work of watercolourist Ruby Eaves from Toowoomba, Qld. Ruby has long been acknowledged as an outstanding water colour artist. Subject matter is generally wide and eclectic, but a favorite theme is the wonderful Australian landscape.

Also on exhibition in Sequence are the amazing creations of textile artist, Elanya Stuart.  Inspired by nature, science and mathematics Elanya likes to create her own representations of the world she sees around her. Textile crafts that Elanya utilizes include wet felting, crochet, hand and machine stitching and tatting.

Marjo Carter
A combination of simple clean lines and a diversity of restrained decorative features are characteristic of Marjo’s work.  Drawing inspiration from many sources, works for this exhibition represent an eclectic mix of surface decoration and techniques.

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Studio Gallery

Val Stuart
Inspiration for Val’s work is drawn from everyday forms and textures and from the perennial shapes that have stood the test of time and yet still have universal appeal.
Each piece is coated with terra sigillata and then pit and saggar fired using a combination of oxides and organic matter encased in a saggar of industrial strength aluminium foil.  The pieces are then fumed (not glazed), resulting in warm and rich colour palette.
Margaret Ling
Time, the potent kiln atmosphere and the individual nature of each firing bring about textures and colours particular to wood firing which can be exciting and beautiful. The great variation in surface detail, with scars, runs and occasional deformaties, create pieces which give individual character and an earthy aesthetic to Margaret’s woodfired ceramics.
Pauline Wellfare
Pauline’s use of porcelain, often polished, sometimes carved, sometimes with the addition of coloured porcelain, displays her commensurate skills with this difficult medium. The polishing of each individual piece leaves surfaces with the distinctive warm, buttery feel which encapsulates her works.

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Nexus Art Gallery. Regular art exhibitions of painting, ceramics & sculpture at the Old Butter Factory Bellingen, near Coffs Harbour, mid north coast NSW


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